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Sugarland Eye & Laser Center is the leading center for specialized eye care, serving southwest Houston, Sugarland and surrounding areas. We are regional leaders in the provision of blade-free laser-only LASIK procedures and offer services to the public at exceptional prices, with a limited lifetime warranty.

Regional Center for Eye Care Excellence
The center’s reputation for excellence stems from the exceptional care of Dr Amjad Khokhar, one of the region’s most experienced LASIK surgeons. In addition to the experience of thousands of procedures, Dr Khokhar has some of the best technology available to provide patients with exceptional results. Prospective patients will find the Sugarland Eye & Laser Center featured in regional newspaper and magazine articles, as well as radio segments. Additionally, Dr Khokhar is an award winning fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He volunteers with local health clinics and gives talks on eye health for local organizations.

Exceptional Eye Care
Dr Khokhar’s commitment to excellence includes a commitment to research and education. But more importantly, he has shown his commitment to improved service through technology by bringing the revolutionary iLASIK technology to the Sugarland Eye & Laser Center. This is the only approved procedure for fighter pilots, astronauts and other highly-regulation professionals seeking laser eye correction.

Your procedure is truly customized to the characteristics of each patient’s individual eyes in a three-part process.

  • Minor imperfections are corrected with a wavefront treatment
  • IntraLASIK creates an individualized corneal flap, safer and more precise than blade-assisted procedures
  • Final treatment is carried out with the VISX Star S4 IR, the most advanced piece of LASIK equipment available providing variable spot sizing, three-dimensional tracking and iris registration

Within 24 hours, patients are able to drive to follow up appointments without the encumbrance of glasses or contacts.

High Tech with a Personal Touch
Though Sugarland Eye & Laser offers procedures at the forefront of laser eye surgery technology, the center is also renown for providing a comfortable, personalized environment where patients can feel at ease. Not content with being another “LASIK factory”, staff at the Sugarland Eye & Laser Center take pride in getting to know all their patients by name. Patients are given an initial consultation with the surgeon free of charge. At the same time, patients meet with a laser vision coordinator, who is available 24-hours a day to assist them with queries throughout the time surrounding their eye procedure.

By Amjad Khokhar