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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Houston

Advanced CustomVue LASIK is a customized LASIK that uses the WaveScan Wavefront System in line with the VISX STAR S4 IR Laser.

Every person’s vision is unique and is as personal as his or her fingerprint or DNA. Advanced CustomVue Laser Vision Correction allows unique or customized treatments for a specific patient’s eye. The WaveScan Wavefront System is a technology that can determine the unique imperfections that can be found in every person’s eyes. Then, the data is used to make a wavefront, or a special map of the vision of the patient. You have your own unique wavefront and like your fingerprint, it is uniquely yours. The wavefront or wavescan can be 25 times more precise than non-wavefront methods. The Wavescan Wavefront system gives the Advanced Customvue laser treatment to the laser. This results in unsurpassed precision and accuracy in laser vision correction.

Results of the clinical study for Customvue Technology submitted to FDA were amazing. The data show the following :


  • 100% of study participants passed driving test without glasses or contact lenses
  • 98% of study participants could see 20/20 better without glasses or contact lenses
  • 70 % of study participants could see 20/16 better without glasses or contact lenses

Another remarkable outcome of the study was the fact that patients who received Customvue treatments experienced improvement in their night vision. Four times as many participants in the study stated that they were “very satisfied” with their night-time vision after the treatment than with glasses or contact lenses.

By Amjad Khokhar