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Laser Vision Correction In Sugar Land

If you have been waiting for the latest technology to be developed for Laser eye correction surgery n, your long wait is now over. iLASIK, the new premium standard for LASIK is now available for you. This technology uses a specific 3-step process in laser vision correction using the newest technique in correcting vision.

CustomVue™ Wavescan Technology
By using the CustomVue Wavescan technology, unique imperfections in a person’s eye that could not have been detected before can now be captured. As a result, the new level of measurement is 25 times more precise than the traditional one. The result is vision that is better than before, day or night.

IntraLaser Blade-Free Technology
Nowadays, LASIK does not use metal blade anymore, resulting to a level of safety that cannot be surpassed by other technologies. Using iLASIK enables eye surgeons to create a corneal flap from inside-out by applying intralase femotolaser. This also allows for customization of flaps to fit the cornea. Through iLASIK, patients are able to undergo a procedure that is safer and could bring better results.

VISX™ Technology
The final phase in the treatment is the application of the most advanced, refined and precise laser that has ever been developed. Known as the VISX Star S4 IR, this technology makes unprecedented safety and precision possible. The combination of the 3 dimension tracking system, iris registration and adjustable spot size place it ahead of any other excimer laser platform in terms of effectiveness in correcting vision.

By Amjad Khokhar