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Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery Houston

There are two steps involved in LASIK surgery – the creation of a thin and precise flap on the corneal surface and the reshaping of the cornea to make sure that there is proper focusing. Traditionally, microkeratome was used to create the flap. Microkeratome is a blade controlled by a computer, which precisely moves across the cornea to create the flap. Actually, most of the risks involved in LASIK is related to the creation of the flap with a microkeratome.

The intraLASIK procedure is a revolutionary technology, which reduces the risks of LASIK and gives superior results through the elimination of blades from the procedure. In intraLASIK, a femotosecond laser creates the flap in just a few seconds. Customization of the shape and size of the flap for each patient is made possible, which leads to the achievement of optimal results. Patients with large cornea can have flaps of the same size created for them. Patients who do not have the ideal thickness of the cornea to qualify for LASIK can now avail of this treatment because LASIK is now able to create very thin flaps using intraLASIK technology.

If you want more information about the wonders that this technology can do, just locate IntraLASIK on the side of this screen and click it.

By Amjad Khokhar