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Choosing to undergo eye surgery as a means to correct one’s vision is not always easy. Many people are apprehensive over the idea of surgical procedures simply because they do not understand the technology that is involved. Many patients also have a fear of needles that can be debilitating.


LASIK is a great blade free and painless alternative to correcting vision. It has evolved into a standard medical procedure that can restore crystal clear vision to individuals who have relied on glasses and contact lenses for many years. The Sugarland Eye & Laser Eye Correction Center uses state of the art technology in their treatment that is affordable to most patients. In addition, Dr. Khokhar believes in taking the time to explain all about the procedure to patients in a way that they can understand and that will make them feel comfortable.


Sugarland Eye & Laser Correction Center is different from most other medical offices that provide LASIK as it offers a full spectrum of laser eye correction treatments. Dr. Khokhar will consult with each patient so that they can make the right decision toward better vision. Patients will feel confident and secure in all possible ways. Dr. Khokhar is considered one of the top experts for LASIK Eye Surgery in Houston area.

By Amjad Khokhar