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Studies submitted to FDA reveal that with Advance Customvue Technology, most people can now achieve 20/20 vision after laser is applied to correct vision. Advance Customvue uses wave-scan guided technology. This was developed by NASA and was originally used for high-powered telescopes like the Hubble Telescope. By using Wavescan Technology, greater amounts of information from far away objects are captured compared to conventional methods.


Nothing can equal the benefits that you can get from using Advanced Customvue Technology. It allows customization of treatment because the wavescan contains a unique map of the eyes of the patient. The wavescan of the patient is like a fingerprint because it shows the defects of the individual’s eyes. The laser uses this information in the treatment of the patients. Because the Advanced Customvue WaveScan-Guided treatment is customized for the patient, absolute visual potential is achieved and treatments using this technology are 25 times more accurate.


This technology is very important in getting your best night vision. As demonstrated by studies submitted to the FDA, 4 times the number of patients treated using the Advanced Customvue WaveScan expressed that they are “very satisfied” with night vision compared to number of patients feeling the same with glass and contact lenses.


Advanced Customvue Technology is a wavescan-guided treatment, not a wavescan-optimized treatment. Understanding the difference between these two is very important. Although both give customized treatments, Advanced Customvue Technology uses the wavescan of the patients eyes while wavescan-optimization, like the Allegretto Wavelight, makes use of wavescans stored in a library as guide in treating the eyes.

By Amjad Khokhar