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Another effective way of getting rid of cataract is using Surgery with Monovision. The lenses of the eyes are removed and replaced with synthetic lenses. The dominant eye is implanted with a lens for farsightedness while the other one has its lens replaced with near and in between lens. The result is a balanced vision that will allow you to read or drive without wearing eye glasses. Not all people are comfortable with regards to this method and some have to take extra precaution when using monovision. Monovision is convenient to use but it also has its disadvantages:


First, monovision cannot stay long. After prolonged use like reading or driving for a long time, the clarity of your vision diminishes. At this point, you need to use reading glasses in order to see well. Second, patients have to adjust to having the implants. Some may feel great discomfort, including nausea, blurred vision, irritation and dizziness. In worst cases, the eyes may become hard to open and focus at the end of the day because of tiredness. Eyeglasses must be worn while your body adjusts to the implants in your body. Once the body has adjusted to them, you will enjoy crystal clear vision. Third, although having mono-vision is helpful, your eyesight may not be perfect right away, especially at night so it will be to your advantage to have eyeglasses or spectacles.


Cataract Surgery with mono-focal intraocular lens could be effective to use because it is durable. Infact, insurance could pay for this kind of cataract surgery. However, patients must still use eye glasses especially in reading and driving.

By Amjad Khokhar