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Multifocal lens technology brings you the latest generation of cataract surgery. The multifocal lenses helps you get back your normal eyesight, making you see clearly at all distances – far, near and in between, even if you have no glasses. Multifocal lens technology is now proudly offered by Sugarland Eye and Laser Center. The offer includes AcrySof ReSTOR by Alcon Laboratories.



Cataract is a term used to refer to the natural lens of the eyes when it becomes cloudy, which is usually caused by aging. This cataract is removed through cataract surgery and replaced by a synthetic lens, which is implanted in its place. Generally, the implanted lens is monofocal, meaning it can only focus light that comes into the eye from a single particular distance. It is usual practice to choose a lens power that will allow the eye to focus of objects from a distance. For up close vision, glasses are still needed.



With the use of revolutionary technology used in multifocal lens, the clarity of your vision is restored for near, far and in between distances without the need for glasses. Multifocal lenses have lenses with concentric rings that help you see clearly in varying focusing distances. After you have adapted to the multifocal lens, the rings will allow you to see clearly at varying distances without using glasses.


By Amjad Khokhar